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Welcome to Harvest House Counseling

Serving Syracuse, Ithaca, Fulton and Watertown, NY

Health – all health – spiritual health, physical health and mental health – begins when a person is embraced as a whole being with their whole context through meaningful relationship. All of life is organized around this one thing – relationship. Everything else that we get distracted on is just that – distraction.

For far too long, counseling has been organized in our society through the medical model driven by diagnosis and treatment plans. Counseling is often presented as a second tier medical response to folks who are having “emotional, mental or behavioral” problems. While diagnosis and treatment plans have an appropriate place in this work, seeking well-being doesn’t begin by emboldening sickness. The medical model has its place and I am so thankful for it. However, it should not be the center driving force.

At Harvest House, we approach each person as a whole and not as a label. We understand anxiety doesn’t define who you are; you define who you are, while you might struggle with anxiety. Depression, infidelity, addiction, trauma and so many other challenges in life feel as if they do define us because they can be so encompassing, overwhelming and at times debilitating. We get that. However, we know you are more than your symptom(s).

People often ask how we can do our jobs – listening all day to folks in pain. We can do our jobs because we are educated, professionally trained and know that what happens in the counseling room is important. Relationship happens in the counseling room. One human being helping another human being in meaningful relationship. Relationship is all we have, really. There is nothing else. It all goes away; this one thing remains - what we have between one another. The rest – distraction.

We are well-equipped to work with both Christians and non-Christians. We seek hope and healing for all people who desire it. We know that you have questions about the process and are concerned about picking the right therapist but you also have a busy life and you need help now. Give us a call, get a sense of who we are. We would love to chat with you. We work really hard at having a streamlined process. We strive to return phone calls within 24 business hours and set an appointment within 1 business week. We love what we do. We can’t help everyone. We would like to help you. Give John a call (315-663-7060). He is really helpful and nice.


We Want to Help You

Here at Harvest House Counseling, we are not only educated, trained, experienced and skilled but we want to help. We work with a wide variety of issues and provide different counseling services. We also provide therapy in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

        • Individual Counseling
        • Integrated Christian Counseling
        • Marriage Counseling
        • Child Counseling
        • E-Counseling
        • Church Conflict Consulting
        • Pre-Marital Counseling
        • Family Counseling
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Our Offices

526 Oak Street, Syracuse, NY

526 Oak Street, Syracuse, NY

208 N. Meadow St., Ithaca, NY 14850

914 Utica Street, Fulton, NY

914 Utica Street, Fulton, NY

200 Washington St., Ste 207, Watertown, NY 13601

200 Washington St., Ste 207, Watertown, NY 13601

We Want To Help You

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