Marriage Counseling Watertown, Ithaca, & Syracuse, NY

Marriage beckons us with the hope of enduring love, close companionship and ultimate union. In truth, marriage and child rearing are probably the most difficult and rewarding ventures one can take up in a lifetime.

The marriage journey begins with an experience of love that will "right all wrongs" and "conquer every darkness." It is this work of marriage that few of us are ever prepared for and even fewer are equipped to undertake. Marriage will challenge the hardiest of souls. Marriage enfolds two storylines with the accompanying strengths, challenges, fears, insecurities, doubts and dreams of each person. And it is here in the intimacy of marriage where those two stories unfold, intertwine and get worked out into a new story to be told.

A story wouldn't be a story if it didn't have challenges and difficulties. Whether your issue is infidelity, addiction, betrayal, bad boundaries, poor communication or other traumas, marriage therapy works with couples to recognize and resolve conflicts, increase healthy communication, establish healthy boundaries, heal hurts and wounds and plot a course for the future. The future is yours to write. We can help you consider how that story might unfold.

We provide a safe, warm, caring, confidential environment to tell your story. It is here that it can be rewritten.