Church Conflict Counseling Watertown, Ithaca, & Syracuse, NY

How can a Marriage and Family Therapist help in conflicted church life? Easy answer - we are trained in interconnected systemic dynamics. Church conflict, albeit unpleasant, is an interconnected systemic dynamic. All conflict is difficult but when it comes to matters of faith, things can get hot.

We have the expectation that church should be "done better" because we are the children of God. Well.....I think is more accurate to say that when we enter into conflict the children of God have been afforded the assistance to move through the conflict. Peace is not only the lack of conflict; it is the way to move through conflict. Conflict is going to happen; it is what we do with it that matters.

It is challenging to manage one's way through conflict when you are at the center of it. This is where we can help. We are experts at systems. We aren't part of your system and we can offer an objective view.