<center>Individual Counseling</center>

Individual Counseling

Life has never been free of challenges - some anticipated and some not so much. Depression, death, grieving, anxiety, menopause, divorce, PTSD, addiction, infidelity ... Counseling is an opportunity to confidentially talk about these life challenges with a compassionate, trained and objective professional who can provide insight, reflection and objectivity. We would very much like to help.

Harvest House provides a safe environment free from judgment, criticism, shame and guilt. We offer kindness, compassion, safety and confidentiality away from the onslaught of the world for your healing.

Therapy is designed to help you find insight, support, and new strategies for life's struggles. Personal responsibility, self-awareness, objectivity, healthy communication skills, healthy boundaries are some of the benefits of individual therapy.

<center>Integrated Christian Counseling</center>

Integrated Christian Counseling

Integrated Christian Counseling is counseling that integrates healthy psychological principles and the whole of scripture. It is not hard to understand that the principles that help in healing our "being" are never inconsistent with scripture. The very hand that wrote those words formed our being.
With a Christocentric worldview, we pursue hope and healing with training, skill and experience covering a host of concerns and challenges in life.

<center>Marriage Counseling</center>

Marriage Counseling

Marriage beckons us with the hope of enduring love, close companionship and ultimate union. In truth, marriage and child rearing are probably the most difficult and rewarding ventures one can take up in a lifetime.

The marriage journey begins with an experience of love that will "right all wrongs" and "conquer every darkness." It is this work of marriage that few of us are ever prepared for and even fewer are equipped to undertake. Marriage will challenge the hardiest of souls. Marriage enfolds two storylines with the accompanying strengths, challenges, fears, insecurities, doubts and dreams of each person. And it is here in the intimacy of marriage where those two stories unfold, intertwine and get worked out into a new story to be told.

A story wouldn't be a story if it didn't have challenges and difficulties. Whether your issue is infidelity, addiction, betrayal, bad boundaries, poor communication or other traumas, marriage therapy works with couples to recognize and resolve conflicts, increase healthy communication, establish healthy boundaries, heal hurts and wounds and plot a course for the future. The future is yours to write. We can help you consider how that story might unfold.

We provide a safe, warm, caring, confidential environment to tell your story. It is here that it can be rewritten.

<center>Child Counseling</center>

Child Counseling

Children struggle with the stresses and hurts of life just like the rest of us. Often the recipients of collateral damage, they are dealing with very confusing and upsetting life events that need to be made sense of. Because they are cute and they giggle and play in the backyard, we forget that they are hurting from the problems in their lives that they just don't understand.

So with children, we have to meet them where they are and talk their language. The language of children is play and they often have a lot to say, if we can only listen to their stories and concerns. Play therapy offers a children their voice with someone who is listening. Kids suffer as we do with the difficulty of life. We want to hear them.



E-Counseling is an effective, convenient and confidential way to take care of ourselves when our busy schedules demands we take care of everything else. Whether by phone, email or video chat, e-counseling can balance that hectic schedule right from the privacy of your office, home, hotel room or parked car. An ever increasing trend, e-Counseling just makes sense for folks, who have a tightly scheduled life and only squeeze out an hour here and there - maybe while having lunch. For those of us in rural Upstate New York, it also closes the physical distance and provides access to services that often are just not available locally. E-counseling really works and can be a real help in crunch time.

<center>Church Conflict Consulting</center>

Church Conflict Consulting

How can a Marriage and Family Therapist help in conflicted church life? Easy answer - we are trained in interconnected systemic dynamics. Church conflict, albeit unpleasant, is an interconnected systemic dynamic. All conflict is difficult but when it comes to matters of faith, things can get hot.

We have the expectation that church should be "done better" because we are the children of God. Well.....I think is more accurate to say that when we enter into conflict the children of God have been afforded the assistance to move through the conflict. Peace is not only the lack of conflict; it is the way to move through conflict. Conflict is going to happen; it is what we do with it that matters.

It is challenging to manage one's way through conflict when you are at the center of it. This is where we can help. We are experts at systems. We aren't part of your system and we can offer an objective view.

<center>Pre-Marital Counseling</center>

It is a wonderful time of life. Everybody wants to do this right. Marriage is important and we all know the modern day statistics. So, we really want to do this right. We can help!

We have a 6 week program through industry best, "Prepare and Enrich" that will afford conversations worth having. The program does not nor can it tell you if you should get married. What it does do is identify important topics to discuss and teach you how to have them. It is a great program and provides a wonderful time for preparation and connectedness.

<center>Family Counseling</center>

Family Counseling

Family life is important.

With a variety of different life stages under one roof, not to mention the unique challenges we have when we work at knitting families together, family can get complicated.

Family Counseling is for those times when families have a lot to say to one another but have been unsuccessful in truly hearing and understanding each other. Generational differences are hard to bridge. We are specifically trained to work with families so that all members can be heard, understood and supported. We have dedicated years of education and training to this work because we believe in the importance of family. We know it is hard, but is always worth the journey together.

<center>Group Counseling</center>

Group Counseling

Group Counseling is an important and effective way to heal through the shared presence of others who struggle with similar stories. Group Counseling helps us know that we are not alone and that our journey, while unique, is not an isolated experience. Group Counseling offers cohesive encouragement, shared insight, and relational support.