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Managing Thoughts and Emotions

– Rebecca Preston, MA, Spiritual Director It’s been one of those seasons of life.  You know the kind, when reality rears its ugly head and many of our dreams and expectations have been dashed against the rocks of life. I have spent many a day during this season, mourning the choices I’ve made, and wondered […]

My Two Cents on Spiritual Formation

– Rebecca Preston, MA, Spiritual Director Spiritual Formation has become a buzzword in the Christian Church.  Churches are now sitting up and taking notice, and in some cases, bringing it in as a curriculum to the church.  The idea may seem like a new one, but it is really an ancient concept with deep roots […]

Grace Experienced

-by Rebecca Preston Grace:  One of my favorite words.  Grace has such a vast array of meanings to people.  To some grace is involved in the gift of salvation.  To others, it is a way of being, how one moves or interacts with others.  Grace is often viewed as the prayer offered before a meal. […]

Maybe it is About Me

by Rebecca Preston, MA, Spiritual Director   About a decade ago, my husband and I started at a new church. As was our custom, we asked for a meeting with the pastor.  The pastor came to our house and we had a delightful conversation about this new church, a church like we had never attended […]